The Amicale des Anglers à la Grève sur Mignon (AAPPMA) manages the opening of the ponds of the Marais Madame (known as Etangs Fradin) every Sunday in March as well as for the fishing festival on the 2nd Sunday in June. .

The AAPPMA Amicale des Pêcheurs de La Grève is a fishing and fish farming association contributing to the surveillance of fishing, exploiting the fishing rights it holds and participating in the protection and management of fish farming heritage and aquatic environments. .

Fishing area:
- The cute
- The Sèvre Niortaise (Bazoin - La Ronde, Les Combrands - Taugon)

- The girls of the Coop in Courçon d'Aunis (small fishing department)
- The Taugonnais in Taugon

Specific regulations:
- Fishing reserves on the hydraulic node of Bazoin

President's Fisheries Tips:
- Coarse fishing on the Sèvre Niortaise
- predator fishing (catfish, pike, zander, perch, black-bass)
- carp fishing

  • Openings

    All year.

    Pet Friendly

    Not disclosed

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