Only a few kilometers from La Rochelle, Aigrefeuille d'Aunis offers you a green site conducive to walks: Lake Frace and its natural environment. Treat yourself to a bucolic parenthesis…

Do you want tranquillity, fishing, walks in the middle of nature, lazing by the water? Leaving La Rochelle and Rochefort, the Lac de Frace site in Aigrefeuille d'Aunis is the first "island" of greenery encountered. Sport or relaxation… walking, water or cycling… pétanque or fishing… picnic or restaurant on stilts… at Frace d'Aigrefeuille lake, young and old will have a pleasant day!

The Lac de Frace site is a place of relaxation and leisure open to all, with free and open access.

It offers its visitors a landscaped environment in the Aigrefeuille marsh.
When you arrive, you will find a car park on your left, to park your vehicle. From there, you have several possible options: fishing, walking or cycling, taking your children for a boat trip in the miniature port (in high season), taking a nap, playing pétanque with friends, picnicking - have lunch in the shade or have lunch at the restaurant on stilts. A tree-lined path allows you to go around the lake.

Lac de Frace is not accessible for swimming. The nearest bathing place is the Aigrefeuille d'Aunis swimming pool located next to the Camping de la Taillée.
Wearing a mandatory mask.
Animals are allowed on a leash. It is forbidden to let them swim in the lake.

The site of Lake Frace presents in some places the vestiges of an ancient lake life. The site has yielded prehistoric material, all of which relates to the Mesolithic period at the end of the early Neolithic (from 10.000 to 4.000 BC).
In the 20th century, it was exploited in the form of peat bogs during the periods of the last world conflicts to compensate for the lack of coal. The peat of the communal marsh then used as fuel, allowed the population to heat itself cheaply. Its extraction resulted in the formation of water holes at the origin of the current lake. In the 70s, under the impetus of André Dulin, Mayor of Aigrefeuille and President of the General Council, the body of water took on its present form. A sea dredge completed the digging of the lake.

  • Join the town center of Aigrefeuille d'Aunis then continue towards Virson, turn right towards Lac de Frace. Follow rue de Frace for about 2 km, the car park is on your left and the ponds on your right.

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