For the Comptoir Local team, what is important is the meaning we give to our professions and our missions.

Being called Comptoir Local rather than Tourist Office is the audacity of our team. 

Listening, supporting, qualifying our service providers is the basis of our satisfaction.

Welcoming, informing, passing on our knowledge of the Aunis Marais Poitevin to our visitors is the quintessence of our primary profession: hospitality. 

As you will have understood, we are passionate about serving our territory, serving the men and women who make it up and the lantern for all those who want to discover it.

For responsible and reasoned tourism

Our structure works for local development, to this end, we favor local purchases, second-hand or even crafts and local producers. We like to value the men and women who make our territory, who give it its character and relief. We work with CYCLAB, the waste collection union to raise awareness among our partners about the sustainable development of our economy. You will also find eco-designed products locally in our shops in Marans and Surgères.

A Category II Classified Tourist Office

Classified as a category II Tourist Office, the Comptoir Local Destination Aunis Marais Poitevin undertakes:


  • To offer you easily accessible reception and information points
  • To provide you with a comfortable place to sit
  • To offer you a secure and unlimited wifi connection
  • To open our doors at least 240 days a year
  • To welcome you in two foreign languages
  • To provide you with complete, free and up-to-date tourist documentation


  • To share with you our wise advice and our good addresses for a successful stay
  • To communicate on our periods and opening hours
  • To measure your satisfaction and engage in a process of continuous improvement
  • To process your complaints
  • To make information available on the Internet in two foreign languages ​​to make the information accessible to as many people as possible before and during your stay