A magical equestrian tale, in the footsteps of Native American legends!

It is at La Gaubertière, a small place in the middle of the countryside, that we join Sabrina Lepienne, equestrian artist and director, and her company from the Théâtre Caballicare, for an evening out of time.

Sabrina is a horse lover. It feels right away! Her shows stand out scenically for the close relationship she maintains with her horses, who give her extraordinary confidence. She can thus stage them by inventing magical stories and tales.

And La Gaubertière is the perfect place to come and see his shows as a family! Tables and chairs are set up all around a track, a bar and a food truck allow you to eat a bite and have a drink while waiting for the start of the show.


"It's fun, it discusses, the atmosphere is warm and ultra friendly, a bit as if we were among ourselves at home ! "

Night falls slowly when the first artists and their horses make their appearance. The track ignites and the magic operates. In Anahata, a tale from an Amerindian legend, the artists combine the arts of fire, dance, balances, numbers with their horses, with great elegance and kindness. We feel that the relationship is strong and close between equines and their trainers.

To the rhythm of tom-toms and the sound of the violin, it is a real parenthesis that is offered to us and which reminds us how important it is to refocus on the essentials.

After 1h30 of show, young and old leave with stars in their eyes thinking back to the legend ofAnahata and the prophecy of the 7 fires…

Photos: ©Yann DENIEL for the Caballicare theater

You too, come and discover Anahata by the Théâtre Caballicare company, on Friday August 4, Wednesday August 9 and Monday August 14, 2023 at 21:30 p.m.

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Written on 29/07/2023
Marie, pastry chef with a taste for horizons