Meeting with Pierre VINCENT from Atelier CyclaB, the house of the circular economy and zero waste located in Surgères.

Located in Surgères and inaugurated in October 2021, the Atelier CyclaB is the very first third-place dedicated to the circular economy supported by a community, here, the mixed syndicate Cyclad. But the circular economy, késako? The objective is to recycle materials to create new products. Thanks to the three laboratories of Atelier CyclaB (agri-food, wood and technologies), project leaders who wish to invest in this new dynamic can experiment with their ideas, benefit from dedicated support and benefit from a material library supplied by the 23 waste collection centers in the territory of Cyclad. Since 2019, the CyclaB Trophies have rewarded the most virtuous initiatives each year.

The right plan
of the Local Counter

You can find souvenirs from the circular economy in the shops of our local counters in Marans and Surgères. An eco-citizen gesture that values ​​the resources, women and men of our territory!

© Studio Thomas Bonnin

© Studio Thomas Bonnin

Pierre VINCENT, Workshop Coordinator

A professional designer in the industrial sector, Pierre joined L'Atelier CyclaB from the start of the project. Invested for ten years in a SCOOP, then in an association of creators who work on upcycling, he closely rubs shoulders with environmental issues and sets up mediation and educational tools. At that time, he felt the need to give meaning to his work, with the aim of controlling the production chain from A to Z. He then sought to invest in a local project in line with his values. The click is made in 2019 when he meets Cyclad. Joining the team at the heart of the new Atelier CyclaB project then becomes obvious to him.

“Working as a team gives another scale, another magnitude to the project”.

Coordinator of the workshops, he accompanies the project leaders, helps them on the use of the machines, in the design of the prototypes, the valorization of their creations (packaging, display furniture, etc.) and finds the necessary resources (materials library, recycling centers, scrap of companies…). It is, in a way, the orchestra conductor of the circular economy. Thanks to professional equipment and a very spacious place, Pierre and his collaborators do not lack ideas to recover all our waste, a message full of hope for the planet!

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Written on 03/05/2023
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