Meeting with Béatrice D'OLIER from Surgères, French champion of chanbara.

Born in Paris, Béatrice D'OLIER arrived in the region and more precisely in Surgères in 2017. She teaches Chanbara, or Japanese fencing, a discipline discovered by chance from an encounter in the streets of Bourges.

Unlike Kendo, which remains deeply rooted in tradition, the discipline of Chanbara is free from all constraints of attack and defense movements. Appearing 40 years ago in Japan, it appeals more to younger generations who find it more playful and more up-to-date. 

“Chanbara restores meaning, develops notions of space, respect for others and for oneself.”

© Studio Thomas Bonnin

© Studio Thomas Bonnin

Like all martial arts, Chanbara defends moral values ​​that are important to instill in young people: modesty, politeness, sincerity, friendship, self-control, courage, respect and honor. . Accessible to all ages, this sport has nearly 2 members in France. Béatrice, who is a 000nd dan black belt and titled French Chanbara Champion in the tate kodachi category (shield and short weapons) in 2, created the Mokuso association which offers lessons and courses in Surgères and the surrounding area.

His dream ? One day combine his passion for horses and ethology with the art of Chanbara...

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Written on 25/05/2023
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