Surgères is a commune of Charente-Maritime (New Aquitaine region).
Surgères has 6997 inhabitants for 28,71 km².

Endowed with a remarkable historical heritage consisting of a cadastral enclosure and its listed Romanesque church, Surgères strives to highlight the heart of its city. The castle park and the banks of the Gère are essential places to enjoy the surgérien calm.

A peu d'histoire:
The first traces of human occupation in Surgères date back to the ancient Neolithic period (9 BC), then the village took the form of a castrum, a fortified Roman camp, before gradually becoming a large town in the Middle Ages.
Powerful seigniorial families have gradually transformed the castle and the life of Surgères over the centuries.
In the 1905th century, the city turned to the dairy industry, in the wake of the cooperative model imagined by Eugène Biraud, a former farmer established in Surgères, and the cooperative created in Saint Georges du Bois, in the hamlet of Chaillé. In 1979, the dairy school opened its doors, today the National School of Dairy and Food Industry (ENILIA). Since XNUMX, Surgères butter has benefited from the Protected Designation of Origin “Charentes Poitou”.
Later in the century, the commune saw the multiplication of mechanical construction workshops under the impetus of Abel Poyaud, an industrialist from Surgé, known for having designed diesel engines which were to become benchmarks in the civil, maritime and military fields.

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