Sale of mushrooms and truffles.

Sale in producer shops Les Fermiers du Marais Poitevin in Ferrières (mushrooms, truffles, truffle butter...) and at the Ferme d'Aunis in Surgères (mushrooms and truffle butter only).
You can also find them at the Paniers de nos Campagnes, in La Rochelle, at the 100% farmer store in Angoulins, at the Farm of Ré-Aunis producers on the Ile de Ré, and the Ferme des 4ânes in Rochefort from 3 december.

Established since 2019, Marty Marinette cultivates mushrooms and truffles in organic farming. Throughout the seasons, discover and taste its shiitake, its gray oyster mushrooms, its Paris mushrooms, its truffles and its truffle butter... to the delight of your taste buds!

  • Organic farming (AB)

  • Product type(s) : Vegetables and derived products

    Operator status : Producer

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    All year, every day.

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    Not disclosed

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