Alma Mater, the “nurturing mother”… An evocative name, like that of this vegetable micro-farm at Gué Charreau, in Landrais, run by Cyrielle Amand.

Big smile on her lips, Cyrielle welcomes us today on her small farm at Gué Charreau in Landrais. This former human resources employee turned to market gardening in 2022, following COVID. Passionate about the work of peasants, it was reading the book “le jardinier-maraicher” by Fortier that made her want to work the land and take on this new challenge. Living by cultivating 1 hectare organically is possible and Cyrielle intends to try this big leap.

She is therefore training in 2020 and carries out several internships which allow her to work on her project and test her physical abilities on this field work. She then settled on the Landraisian lands and worked without pesticides or GMOs, which will allow her to obtain an AB (Organic Agriculture) label in 2023.

We find tomatoes on his farm, of course, and other essential vegetables. We see for example nearly 9000 leeks! but also unusual varieties to discover, such as edamame soybeans. Cyrielle likes to unearth old varieties and new ones. And she likes to talk about her passion, to make her profession known.

Cyrielle, from Alma Mater

“The exchange, the transmission, the recognition of peasant work and the love of taste, are values ​​inseparable from my market gardening activity”.

Everything is harvested by hand, and a project to transform its products is underway, in partnership with CyclaB! So you will soon be able to discover its jars (ratatouille, eggplant caviar... and maybe gazpacho?)

Waiting ? We find its beautiful fruits and vegetables on the farm on Fridays, or on the organic market of Aigrefeuille d'Aunis on Wednesdays. Cyrielle also delivers at home in Surgères and can prepare your orders to pick up at the Aigrefeuille market….

Go meet him, and discover his products!

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Written on 01/08/2023
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