The “9 Thermidor” Company invites you to its object theater / cello show at the Saint-Sauveur d'Aunis meeting center.
▶ All audiences, from 7 years old
▶ Duration: 1 hour
Reservation at 06 25 78 02 83

Little Jim Hawkins, who leads a quiet life at Admiral Benbow's inn, finds himself through a series of adventures in possession of a mysterious treasure map...

Helped by his friends, Doctor Livesey and Count Trelawney, he boards the Hispaniola in search of treasure island.

But the crew turns out to be in reality a band of pirates led by John Silver. Will Jim and his friends manage to escape the pirates, find the treasure and return safely to England?

Based on Treasure Island by RL Stevenson

  • Openings

    Friday 29 November 2024 between 19 pm and 30 pm.

    Pet Friendly

    Not disclosed

    Spoken languages