“Animals” from Cie Les Mots d’Images
When marsh animals meet African animals and come to tell their stories to humans, it makes for a show full of humor and humanity!
from 6 years
▶ Duration: 1 hour
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"Giraffes are mute, everyone knows it, I learned it by chance, and yet that day Geraldine raised her long snout towards the moon and spoke to it, words of love like the moon never said before. had heard about it even from the sun, the moon turned slightly pink and two eyes appeared on the surface of his round straightener to look at the one who gave him words of love. Since that day
the moon has a face". Excerpt from the tale Géraldine

Team: Sylvaine ZABOROWSKI, writing / Priscilla
BOUSSIQUET, Direction / Sabrina MAILLE
and Marie-Claire VILARD, game / Sammy PELGRIS, music

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    Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 15:30 p.m.

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