La Carpe Aunisienne is an Approved Association for Fishing and Protection of Aquatic Environments (AAPPMA) which manages the fishing area of ​​the Canal du Curé, the Nuaillé d'Aunis lake and the Sèvre Niortaise (Saint Jean de Liversay.

Fishing area:
- The Canal du Curé from the Bertrand bridge to the sea
- The body of water of Nuaillé d'Aunis
- The Sèvre Niortaise on lot 19 (from the Marnerie water intake to the start of the Pomère canal) and lot 48 (from the upstream branch with the Sablon canal to the downstream confluence of the Vieille Sèvre with this same sablon canal).

- Supermarket of Saint Jean de Liversay
- Carrefour Market in Ferrières d'Aunis
- Decathlon in Puilboreau (La Rochelle)

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    All year.

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