The Charras canal, at the gates of the Rochefortais marshes
Lower course of the rivers the Gères and the motto, the Canal de Charras is a long waterway of about 20km.

It stretches from Landrais (a place called Gué Charreau) to Saint Laurent de la Prée (to the water gates of Charras) where it communicates with the Charente river. It crosses Saint Pierre la Noue (Saint Germain de Marencennes), Muron, Ardillières, Ciré d'Aunis, Breuil Magné
The Charras canal is an ideal site for family outings. It can be followed on foot continuously on its right bank.

The La Gères river has its source in Saint Mard, a place called the Fontaine des Pèlerins.
Six kilometers after its source, the Gères crosses the town of Surgères, to which it gave its name.
Then the Gères merges with the waters of the river La Devise in the commune of Saint Pierre la Noue (Saint Germain de Marencennes). From Landrais (Gué Charreau), its course is channeled and takes the name of Canal de Charras.
In Surgères, the river flows at the foot of the castle and its fortified enclosure.

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