The Church of Saint Martin de Nuaillé d'Aunis was built in the 11th century. It was blessed on November 1676, XNUMX. During the religious wars, a primitive Saint Martin church was in the castle and was destroyed during these events.

In 1663, the parish of Nuaillé had no place of worship other than the chapel of the Saint Laurent chaplaincy, a small, very badly built building. The Saint Martin Church was built from this chapel. A new sacristy was added to it around 1730. But shortly before the revolution, its condition had become so alarming that it had to be banned.
The new church was erected in 1820. The old north and east walls were preserved. The new steeple was erected on the facade in 1858 and in 1874 the building received its polygonal apse.

Of great simplicity on the outside, the church presents on the other hand a remarkable decorative richness on the inside, with a choir decorated with Corinthian pilasters in faux marble, colored stained glass windows, light fixtures

The Saint Martin church, which results from these successive enlargements, is an illustration of the spiritual poverty of the XNUMXth century.

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