Located on the way to Santiago de Compostela, Surgères welcomes passing pilgrims. Coming from the north of France, it is often the first stop in Charente-Maritime. Bucolic break to discover the historic center of Surgères.

Surgères is located on the historic route of the "West Way", this Way of Saint Jacques starting from Mont Saint Michel, which then joins the "via Turonensis" or "way of Tours", at the level of Saint Jean d'Angély .

The Saint Gilles chaplaincy, still visible from the outside, was in its time a place of welcome for pilgrims.

Circuits of Surgères

The traditional circuit of Santiago de Compostela leaves Surgères to pass through Saint Jean d'Angely before reaching the town of Saintes.

A 2nd, shorter route was recently completed to cut through these stages: Surgères – Taillebourg – Saintes. This circuit makes it possible to reduce the route by 17km and multiply the possibilities of accommodation, while discovering the Charente Valley. A route suitable for all seasons, also accessible to pilgrim cyclists.

In Charente-Maritime, the Bumblebee Association works to promote the Ways of Santiago de Compostela and its heritage. It allows exchanges with former pilgrims and contact with host families.

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A Saint James stopover is now open to pilgrims in the town center of Surgères!

Pilgrim accommodation

Several accommodation options are available to pilgrims equipped with their credential.

Pilgrim host families offer food and lodging on the Donativo principle. These do not commit to their availability for more than 4 days. To be accommodated in one of these families, you must therefore call the Tourist Office at the earliest 2 to 3 days before your arrival.

Le Gères campsite in Surgères also offers preferential rates to pilgrims (rates in effect in May 2022: €10 per pitch or €25 with a tent provided).

Jacquaire stopover

A jacquaire halt is now open to pilgrims in the center of Surgères. It is possible to book it online, up to 72 hours before arrival. You will be asked to send your photo credential to validate your reservation. To book your night, all you have to do is select your date below:


RESERVATION for 2 people and more: please make 1 reservation per person.

No online booking will be possible less than 72 hours before arrival. Possibility of booking on site at the Surgères tourist office the same day, according to the opening hours.

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