The Transhumance Festival is a festive event, discovering the life of our villages and their traditions! To the sound of bells and cowbells, around fifty decorated cows and their attendants in period costume will set off to reach the communal marsh. What if you followed them?

Where does the Transhumance of the Vallée du Curé come from?

Imagine that most meadows are flooded in winter in the Marais Poitevin. During the French Revolution, these communal marshes became the property of the communes, which made them available to breeders in the area. Thus, at the beginning of the 60th century, there were no less than 6000 communal marshes, over more than 20 hectares! Today, there are just under 38 communal marshes, including 55 hectares at Gué d'Alleré, and XNUMX hectares at Saint Sauveur d'Aunis.

Towards the end of April, the breeders drive their herds to the communal marshes, in return for a tax per animal; it is transhumance. The animals then stay for several months in these green meadows. Today is the occasion for a traditional festival in our villages!


Transhumance: Sunday May 19, 2024

The Transhumance of the Vallée du Curé is a traditional festival in the Marais Poitevin: walk with around fifty decorated cows and their attendants in period costume and many activities.

Departure point in Saint Sauveur d'Aunis:
Roundabout – Haras de Beaux Vallons

The Transhumance program in detail

Sunday, May 19, 2024

9 a.m.: departure of cattle accompanied by walkers, horses with decorated carts, old tractors, old cars... to reach the Saint Sauveur marsh (7 km).

9:45 a.m.: Blessing of Transhumance by the parish priest

13 p.m.: Catering under tivoli of traditional dishes with fresh produce (local meals: plate of charcuterie, rillettes, cabbage trio salad, entrecôtes, farm cheeses and dessert for €24 – reservation required on 05 46 68 22 05 or 06 63 51 69 07).

15:30 p.m. and 17 p.m.: 45-minute shows with songs from the traditional group Areditz (David Olaïzola)

  • Access to the event, shows and entertainment : free

Entertainment program:

  • Fanfare in the middle of the village (with the Banda les Shiny Glasses, award-winning favorite of the Condom 2022 festival) and stop at the retirement home with music
  • Show with songs from the traditional group Areditz (David Olaïzola)
  • Folk group “Avant Deux”
  • Demonstrations of the knights of the Legends of Yesterday
  • Introducing a wide variety of cattle breeds – beef weighing
  • Exhibition of old tractors, cars and old cycles
  • Straw games for children and archery
  • Snack bar and fast food
  • Carriage shuttles with the town and carpool parking
  • Raffle

Back in video on the 2019 edition

Need more information ?

For any information and for meal reservations: 05 46 68 22 05 – 06 74 51 13 59

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Where does the Transhumance of the Vallée du Curé start from?

The start of the Transhumance will be at the roundabout opposite the Beaux Vallons stud farm, just after the carpooling area of ​​Saint Sauveur d'Aunis:

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