Olivier, a resident of Aigrefeuille d'Aunis, has tested one of the novelties for you: the Auniscape, the “escape game” trunk from the Comptoir Local! Focus on a… captivating experience!

"We've been waiting for it for a while and the excitement is at its peak."

Finally, the mysterious box is placed in front of the team and we feel the tension rising. We see the faces tense in an increasingly intense concentration. The preparation of the countdown is finally over and its triggering is done in an impressive silence. 

We then grab the instruction pouch attached to the trunk and we begin to decipher all the information available. And there are many.

We therefore call on everyone's skills to take this first step.

This first and modest success gives confidence to the team which then stumbles on the following enigma. It takes more patience and we test many hypotheses before being rewarded.

But the next step gives everyone a hard time. One thing leading to another, we open the padlocks, break down the most devious codes, we take the measure of the territory by exploring several avenues. But the pressure of the stopwatch is increasingly felt, preventing our brains from functioning effectively.

We decide to take a step back, which finally allows us to reach the assigned objective in extremis.

How short an hour in these conditions! But by making the best use of everyone's resources, we managed to win this challenge in a good mood. Must try!”

The “Auniscape” Escape Game trunks can be rented throughout the year, in order to play from home or your vacation spot, with family or friends!

Written on 26/07/2021
Olivier, resident of Aigrefeuille d'Aunis