With the new year comes its share of “good” or “new” resolutions. Here, no injunction, no imperative but just some good “advice” or good “practices” which may not be foreign to you but which I wanted to compile and pass on to you.

2023 rhymes with choice. The choice to consume local, the choice to save our energy and that of the planet, the choice to do the right thing (choice). If you too want to bring life to your territory through actions carried out locally, here is an anthology.

#1. You receive family and friends to eat but problem, you do not have enough dishes! No, no, no, we don't run to buy disposable tableware, but we think of " Dining kit » from Cyclad ! The principle ? You leave with a case full of reusable crockery: plates, knives, forks, teaspoons for 20 guests, and it's free !

#2. Are you looking for good tips, good plans for getting dressed or emptying your closets? Find them local solidarity shops to give away or stock up on bargains: such as the BOUTI'CAC of Surgères, the Catholic Relief of Marans, the Chinetterie of Luché.

#3. Do you already have the book that Tata Odette gave you for Christmas but didn't dare tell her for fear of offending her? Rather than putting it away on your shelf to gather dust, come and drop it off at the tea library of Surgères which organizes a consignment of second-hand books.

#4. Eat well, eat better but above all eat LOCAL ! To fill up on good flavors, go to the farmer's shops or directly to your local producers who will soon become your favorite producers!

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#5. During the holidays we consume, local of course, but we also consume fruit juices and alcohol (alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation). And what's left of your bottles (which will obviously be consigned to the glass dumpsters)? The traffic jam ! And what to do with your caps ? Give them new life and bring them to our local counters in Marans and Surgères! Thanks to the Rochelaise Echo-mer association, cork, a thermal and sound insulating material, is upgraded, to be then used during home renovations.

#6. Once the corks have been removed, what now to do with your oyster shells ? Do the right thing and put them in the recycling center or in the brown bio-waste bins present throughout the territory.

#7. The new year is coming, the Christmas decorations are put away in the boxes, the tree is looking at you with a sad look with its thorns falling by the dozen and you don't know what to do with it (apart from leaving it in front of your house door in hoping it will magically disappear?). The town halls of Saint Ouen d'Aunis, Waxed Aunis et The Thou, are organizing, once again this year, a tree collection ! Recycled trees are used for animal feed and mulch for green spaces after shredding. This is a good initiative! Our partner, The Rooster and Donkey Park of Saint Georges du Rex, also organizes a collection of natural fir trees for the second consecutive year. Put down your tree and the goats, sheep, llamas or even alpacas will be able to enjoy themselves but also have fun with it! Twenty trees were collected in 2022 so this year the goal is to do as well or even more! You have until January 10 to give your Christmas tree a second life.

With all these tips, start the year on the right foot (and the right gesture). Do not hesitate to share these ideas around you and to tell us about your local initiatives that are worth the detour by writing to us at: contact@aunis-maraispoitevin.com !

Written on 23/12/2022
Coralise, explorer of new flavors