The Charron mussel is one of the so-called “bouchot” mussels. The bouchot mussel is a mussel grown on wooden stakes planted at sea so as to put it out of reach of predators.

These stakes that support the shells are called “bouchots”. Contrary to the mussel of strings, the mussel of bouchot is the nec plus ultra of the Atlantic, its taste is inimitable. She is the one raised in Aiguillon Bay.

For the little story...

According to legend, it was Patrice Walton, an Irish shipwrecked man who invented this type of culture in 1235. Specializing in the capture of birds, he weaves nets called "alourets", placed on stakes driven into the mud to trap birds. birds returning to nest in the evening. A few months after starting this practice, he discovered mussels hanging from his “bout choat”, a piece of wood in Irish. They are firm and delicious, without slime like those that we pick up. He decided to sell his harvest at the market, which was a great success and the bouchot mussel was born.


How to recognize the bouchot mussel?

The bouchot mussel is easily identifiable: its shell is small and its flesh is often orange and generous. There is no sand or crab inside. Appreciated by young and old, it is eaten in different ways: in éclade (Charentaise specialty), in salads, in mouclades, marinières, hot or cold. In Charente-Maritime, it is in the bay of Aiguillon, that is produced the bouchot mussel called "La Cartwright”. Always renowned for its taste and nutritional qualities, the “La Charron” bouchot mussel is harvested from the beginning of summer to the end of autumn.


Where to taste the bouchot mussel?

We find the mussel of bouchot on many tables and in particular at the La Ponetère restaurant, at the Port du Corps de Garde in Charron, but you can also buy it at the market or from producers and cook it at home. Discover our mussel recipes on our blog!

The opinion of the local counter

We love tasting the bouchot mussel during the Moul'Stock Festival which takes place in June, in Charron. Good rock and mussels are the ingredients of a successful festival!