A black hen that lays red eggs: the Marans hen, emblematic of the Marais Poitevin, has long been appreciated and known far beyond its borders.

“La Marans” is raised both for its meat and for its egg, whose yolk has an incomparable taste.

A story of roosters

Unique in color and taste, Marans owes its existence to a curious set of circumstances.

According to the anecdote, the hen of Marans comes to us… from the English domination, which lasted nearly two centuries in the region. In those days, English sailors often stopped in the vicinity of La Rochelle and disembarked with them, the fighting cocks which brightened up their long journeys at sea. they find on the port. Quite naturally, the roosters are crossed with these marsh hens; the hens resulting from these crosses already lay colored eggs. Subsequently, many Asian hens are introduced and thus the second process of crossing the Marans is initiated. The hen with extra-red eggs being widespread in the Marais Poitevin, it is however the name of the port city of Marans which is chosen to name it. The name of “Marans”, or “Marandaise” was born.


Where to buy Marans hens?

Do you want to buy a Marandaise? The Marans being a chicken breed, it is not only present on our territory or in Charente-Maritime. You can find the list of farms classified by region on the Marans Club de France website:


The goose that lays golden eggs

The Marans egg is undoubtedly the darkest chicken egg there is. More rounded than classic eggs, it is accompanied by an exceptional size and shine, which has earned the Marans hen the nickname of "hen with golden eggs". Come and discover them at Conservatory henhouse of Marans, chemin des Enfrenaux, free access all year round!


Where to find Marans eggs?

Rather omelettes or boiled eggs? You can buy and taste organic eggs from the real Marans hen, at the Bonneville farm, or at the Bellevue farm, which presents its hybrid Marans hen eggs. They may also be available in local shops and supermarkets.

The opinion of the local counter

We love it “boiled” with fresh bread and good Surgères butter, to appreciate the taste of its yolk!