Come and attend this film conference “EUROPE BY BICYCLE – From the Loire to the Black Sea with the family”, a film by Olivier Bourguet.
We often call it, for short, Nantes-Budapest! 5000 km to travel by bicycle, across 10 countries.

Neither a sailing race, nor a mythical railway track, it is neither more nor less one of the multiple nicknames of EuroVélo 6, the EuroVélo Route des Fleuves which, from Saint Nazaire on the Atlantic in Constanţa on the Black Sea, links Western Europe and Eastern Europe over 5000 km to be covered by bicycle, through 10 countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. For 5 months, with Luna and Marine, their two little girls aged 6 and 8, Catherine and Olivier Bourguet cycled along the banks of the Loire, the Rhine and the Danube. An extraordinary journey, an invitation to travel slowly to make this beautiful utopia of European construction of unity in diversity a reality! An adventure that makes you dream, with which many people will be able to identify, with its moments of happiness, but also the other, more difficult ones that Olivier recounts with modesty and humor, knowing how to take the necessary distance from the facts to come out of it. best. The spectator, very quickly, becomes part of the troupe, pedals in their company, follows the ups and downs of the path, learns some historical, geographical or natural information on each page! An essential film, which gives you ants in your legs and the desire to immediately follow in the footsteps of this family, but also to discover more deeply, and to love our continent intensely! In the company of Catherine, Marine, Luna and Olivier, happiness is truly a journey, not a destination. A magnificent cycloreference. Two cute little girls. A success !

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    Monday January 22, 2024 at 15 a.m.

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