Around music by Lully, Rameau, Clérambault, Bataille... the wine itself will be tasted after the concert.
Patiently selected in echoes of the notes, the vintages will allow the public to prolong the musical journey. In vino musica!
Adult audience

Evening proposed and organized by the Community of Communes Aunis Atlantique.

From opera, we know the innumerable philters and miraculous potions that the tormented souls who inhabit the stage wrest from each other over the acts.
From the melody, we taste the long sighs where the soul of the poet is intoxicated with love and nature. From the airs of a tavern, we retain the enthusiasm and the outbursts of ribaldness...
But what a delight to note, at the heart of these scores, thanks to a reply, a recitative, an aubade, a song, the praise of wine!

Team: Elodie Fonnard, soprano / Cyril Costanzo, baritone
/ Laurent Croizier, narrator / Valentin Tournet, viola
gamba and direction / David Plantier, violin / Guillaume
Haldenwang, harpsichord / Geneviève Pungier, traverse

The Orange Foundation is the main sponsor of La Chapelle Harmonique.
Its activities also benefit from the support of Jolt Capital and Spedidam.
La Chapelle Harmonique is supported by the regional directorate for cultural affairs of New Aquitaine, the national music center and the New Aquitaine region.
The ensemble is in residence at the Singer-Polignac Foundation.

  • By reservation. Adult audience, over 18 years old.
    Opening of the ticket office from March 14.

  • Pricing

    Single price: 10 €.
    Opening of the ticket office on March 14.

    Method(s) of payment accepted

    Bank / credit card Cheque Vacation check Cash Online payment


    Wednesday May 31, 2023 at 19 p.m.

    Pet Friendly


    Spoken languages


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