Maybe you don't know it yet, but to fish you need to acquire a fishing license. This card is essential for fishing even occasionally. For the exercise of fishing closer to your use and your needs there are different types of cards.

What is a fishing license used for?

A fishing license is a bit like a permit: it is compulsory for any fishing practice, with the exception of fishing at sea or in a maritime canal, for example.

When you take part in a Tourist Office event with an approved fishing guide, you will be issued a €1 “fishing pass” allowing you to fish for the duration of the event.

When you buy a fishing license, a share goes to the national and departmental fishing federations and the rest to a local fishing association. So when you buy a fishing license you become a member of an AAPPMA (Approved Association for Fishing and Protection of Aquatic Environments).

This funding allows these associations to finance their various missions and in particular:

  • Management of access rights to fishing grounds to allow you to access your favorite spots (banks, shores, canals, ponds, etc.)
  • Management and maintenance of fishing grounds
  • Fish resource management
  • The environmental Protection

Where to buy your fishing license?

You can come buy your card at Marans tourist office.

Because of the partnership set up with the local fishing association of Marans, La Gaule Marandaise, you become a member of this association.

To know the whole points of sale of the fishing license by department: 

in Charente-Maritime

in Vendee

You can also acquire your fishing license directly online and choose the AAPPMA of your choice

The different types of card and their prices

Here are the different types of cards that you can acquire at the office of the Marans Tourist Office (price in effect on January 1, 2024).

  • Interfederal card: 110€
  • Adult card (+18 years old): 85€
  • Minor's card (12-18 years old): €25
  • Discovery card (under 12 years old – fishing with 1 line only): €7
  • Women's card: €40
  • Daily pass (1 day): €12 (from 01/01 to 30/06) / €20 (from 01/07 to 31/12)
  • Weekly pass (7 consecutive days): €35
  • Fish sticker: €40