A hike in the heart of the Marais Poitevin which will take you to the locks of Bazoin.

1. The small grassy and stony car park is very close to the road, a little below to the right (coming from La Ronde).
Follow the levee de Boëre on the northwest side for almost 4 km until you find a road.
Contrary to appearances on the map, it is not possible to shorten the route or even leave the levee at Heronnerie.

2. Approach the bank of the Sèvre and turn right on the small road which runs along it for more than 6 km.
Although this road only serves the inhabitants along the Sèvre, we will be quieter in the morning.

3. We arrive at the Pont de la Croix des Marys. Cross the D 116 and continue on the small road along the Sèvre. The Bazoin locks are 400 m away: a short round trip which is not lacking in interest.
Cross the Rabatière canal.

4. Follow the small road when it curves towards La Caillaude. There, as soon as you cross the bridge, take a grassy path to the right: it is the levee of Boere that you will follow until you reach the Passage de la Ronde.

  • Marked route : Yes

    Route Type : loop

    Distance : 14km

  • Prices

    Free access.


    From 16 / 06 to 31 / 12.
    Passage forbidden from 15/04 to 15/06.

    Pet Friendly


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