This walk makes you discover the Marais Poitevin, between wet marshes and dry marshes, delimited by the levee.

1. Take the discovery trail just behind the Échappée Nature building. Stay on the trail! Go along the pond on the left to reach the D 116E3. Cross the road and continue on a path that zigzags for 500 m (not
beaconing), crosses a canal (which will become the "canal of the water route") by a footbridge.

In the impasse, turn left to reach rue du Moulin. On the left again, bypass the cemetery and the church, enter the Impasse de la Vinette.

2. Shortly after the cemetery, take a path on the left along a hedge to the D 116E3.
Cross it (“the green path”) to continue opposite. Turn sharp left along a hedge.

3. Follow a small marsh road to the right for 2,5 km. She arrives at the Sèvre. Take the (private) levee on the left that surrounds the Taugon marsh.
Respect the signs (and the instructions on them!)

4. Cross the D 109 and continue on the levee.
The isolation is complete, the pollard ash trees punctuating this space.
Halfway through, the ruin of a house covered in reeds. On the right, off the trail, is the Sèvre and on the other side the Charrouin nature reserve.

5. In Les Combrands, follow a grassy path to the left for a moment parallel to the levee. It then runs along the Route d'Eau canal.
On arrival do not hesitate to climb the mound giving a beautiful view of the lake.

  • Marked route : Yes

    Route Type : loop

    Distance : 12km

    Average duration : 180 min

  • Prices

    Free access.


    From 16 / 06 to 31 / 12.
    Passage forbidden from 15/04 to 15/06.

    Pet Friendly


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