Stroll around the castle site and its walls rebuilt in the XNUMXth century.

1. Cross the drawbridge which gives access to the church. Facing the gate, climb along the rampart where a path runs along the wall. At the large gate, leave the enclosure and join the bank of the Gères on the left, passing between a yew and a chestnut tree.

2. At the Marronniers roundabout, turn right into an alley that still runs alongside the Gères. We arrive at the "Pré derriere l'allée", then at the exhibition centre. Follow the Gères which makes a bend to the left then abandon the footbridge which presents itself to continue on a path at the edge of the water.

3. Follow the road to the right crossing the Gères. Continue and turn left on the road encountered. It runs along the gardens. To the right of the road, notice the hedge composed of elms and maples.

4. Take the dirt road on the left, cross the Gères on a small bridge and continue on the path until you reach the D 939. At the crossroads, notice the XNUMXth century gate of the Saint-Gilles priory on the right. Built by the monks of the abbey of Maillezais, it welcomed pilgrims to Compostela.

5. Turn left and follow rue du Faubourg Saint-Gilles for 200 m. Go left rue Denfert Rochereau and immediately right rue des Marronniers. We can make an incursion on the left in the rue du Pont au Roy to see three old wells. Rue des Marronniers arrives on the east side of the castle. Go either left (beautiful alley of plane trees and chestnut trees) to then enter the enclosure or right to discover the apse of the church.

  • Marked route : Yes

    Route Type : loop

    Distance : 3km

    Average duration : 60 min

  • Prices

    Free access.


    All year.

    Pet Friendly

    Not disclosed

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