Péré derives its origin from the Latin "petra" the stone. This commune of 850 hectares not having the slightest river, the inhabitants could only use wells for their water resources, which posed some problems in certain years of drought.

1. Opposite the church, take rue des Faubourgs which curves to the right. Turn left into a street along a large wall. Continue on a shady path.

2. At the crossroads of the four paths, choose the one on the left. It descends into the small Couarde valley and goes up to the D 209. Cross it.

3. Head left towards the Bois de la Boissonnerie. Go along it, go right again, then left on paths.

4. Follow the D 107 to the left for 300 m then go to the Moulin de Péré. At the cemetery, follow the D 209 for 150 m to the left.

5. Turn right on a small road and right again on a path which leads to a lane towards the church of Péré.

  • Marked route : Yes

    Route Type : loop

    Distance : 7km

    Average duration : 120 min

  • Prices

    Free access.


    All year.

    Pet Friendly

    Not disclosed

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