The current building has a wide facade in the neo-Romanesque style which opens onto a nave without style.

In the 1732th century we were already talking about the church of Taugon but it seems difficult to go back before this date. In 1846, this building called Paroisse Saint Jean Baptiste had two side altars dedicated to Notre-Dame de Pitié and Saint Eutrope but it was only paneled above the choir and the sanctuary. In 31, it is a question of enlarging the church of Taugon, by moving back the wall of its facade towards the west. The nave was practically rebuilt on the plans of the architect Jean Musset after the accident of March 1912, XNUMX which saw the roof collapse on the church.

The staggered chevet seems older, as does the bell tower, located to the north, which could date back to the XNUMXth century but which is completely crushed by the immense slate roof of the nave.

A monumental XNUMXth century altarpiece occupies the back of the sanctuary. It houses wooden statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul as well as a bas-relief of the Pietà. The eagle tabernacle, with its columns surmounted by firepots, is from the same period. The side altars are surmounted by two beautiful statues of the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist, also from the XNUMXth century.

One notices in the cemetery which adjoins the church, the carved foot of a hosannière cross from the XNUMXth century.

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