The Saint Germain church: 1862-1863.
When the village of Marencennes was attached to Saint Germain, the church of this parish was in ruins, as was the chapel of Saint Nicolas in Marencennes.

The municipal council therefore decided in 1860 to build a church at the junction of the two villages, very close to the Gères.
Built by the Parisian architect Boileau, the Saint Germain church succeeds a church that fell into ruins in the 19th century. The interior details are due to Henri Paraud, architect Rochelais. Instead of the traditional massive pillars, Boileau used cast iron columns and, for the vaults, preferred light cast iron and iron arches to heavy stone arches. This innovation results in two advantages: that of a greater lightness of the vaults, and subsequently the removal of heavy buttresses, and that of a very notable economy. The
stained glass windows are by Coglet and Queynoux of Paris.

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