The west facade (entrance to the Church of Saint Jean Baptiste) has a large Gothic arched portal with columns, three capitals, and three covings. It is pierced by a pointed arch window whose keystone bears the date of 1872.

The west facade is surmounted by a small triangular pediment without any ornament. Just like the south wall, the facade has been extensively repaired with a pink colored mortar.

The bell tower consists of a massive, square tower with four corner buttresses, two of which are engaged in the wall of the church. About twenty meters high and unadorned, it is made up of four floors. The 2nd floor of the bell tower is pierced, to the west, with a small ogival window. The 4th floor has 8 windows and is the chamber of bells. The bell tower is topped with a small pyramid covered with round tiles which has recently been redone. The bells were electrified in 1956 and an electronic clock was installed in 1992.

The interior of the building consists of three naves and six bays in the Gothic style, quite pure but very austere. Just as the work of the 1897th century marked the external aspect of the church, the interior of the building remains marked by the renovations of the end of the 1898th century (1899-XNUMX-XNUMX). From the same period, we notice the rows of five pillars which support the ribs of the very simple stone ribbed vaults, with lightly decorated keystones.
The baptismal font chapel, resolutely Romanesque, located to the northwest under the bell tower, includes a semicircular arcade and a dome. One of the oldest elements of this interior is the small door of the vault access staircase, to the left of the small portal.

The stained glass windows date from the beginning of the 2th century, as does most of the liturgical furniture. One of the oldest paintings is certainly "the decollation" of Saint John the Baptist, located above the small door. It would date from the 1898th century. The two wooden statues, of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, on each side of the large portal or the large wooden crucifix, located on the 1985nd pillar to the right of the choir date from before the renovation of XNUMX. Finally, the organ inaugurated in XNUMX, is a witness of the end of the XNUMXth century.

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