The Church of Saint Cyr du Doret was a priory of the Abbey of Maillezais. In 1663, it was still vaulted then from 1699, it deteriorated.

Indeed, it was noted that "the vault is punctured in several places, stones have come off and the bell tower is in danger of ruin." However, the building did not see any renovation project announced until 1732.

It seems that the current building dates from the end of the 1897th century, the XNUMXth century having carried out only a few works (in XNUMX to be exact). To the west, the main façade is in the neo-classical style and a long building with several small chamfered windows from the end of the Middle Ages is grafted onto the north side of the church. It must be the old priory. Inside, the altarpiece which isolates a small sacristy seems old, even if the decoration was considerably refreshed in the XNUMXth century.

There was once in Margot a dependency of the commandery of Saint Jean du Pérot. It is not known before the 1564th century and a document from 1695 describes it in detail. The chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist was reduced by half around XNUMX, but a mass was still celebrated there each week. There remains a XNUMXth century window in an agricultural building.

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