Possession of the Priory of Mauzé around the year 1000, the Church of Saint Gérald retains of its original appearance only a few capitals, a mural in the north transept (private property). Its semi-circular apse has also disappeared.

The parish church is now a rectangle with a straight apse, without aisles. The nave and the bell tower are Romanesque.
The portal with two rollers is devoid of ornaments. It is surmounted by a cornice with bare modillions. The choir seems to have been rebuilt in the XNUMXth century. All that remains from the previous period are the overhangs of the cross-ribs decorated with figurines and the bedside window, with three shapes, surmounted by a composition of lobes.
The bell tower is square, 25 meters high. It houses a listed bronze bell, from the end of the 140th century, weighing approximately XNUMX kilos.

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