The priory of Breuil-la-Réorte depended on the abbey of Ebreuil, in the diocese of Clermont-Ferrand. The church, made up of a nave with two bays and a flat chevet, is modern as a whole but has Gothic remains.
A must see.

The shape of the capitals, the molding of the warheads, the straight buttresses outside the apse, suggest that the church was built in the 14th century.
The frescoes are placed on the north wall and the apse. There were also some on the south wall. They form an almost continuous band about 1,60m high, on which stand out at least 5 scenes from the life of Christ:
- the Annunciation
- The nativity where the Virgin is lying on a bed draped in yellow. She leans towards the child while St Joseph contemplates the scene.
- An Announcement to the Shepherds
- An Adoration of the Magi
- A crucifixion of great beauty, reminiscent of the style of frescoes, probably contemporary, of Coulengs (Charente). The whole scene has a certain dramatic intensity found in early XNUMXth century art.
Below the frescoes on the north wall runs a decorative band of wavy ribbons between two lines. The splay of the bedside window is decorated with fleur-de-lys alternating with fleurons. The north wall and the upper part of the chevet, on the right side, bear a kind of grid in false apparatus which appears to predate the figures.

Church: classification by decree of June 21, 1958

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