Located in the heart of Marans, the Notre-Dame des Marais church surprises with its glass and metal bell tower. Near rue Gambetta, it is possible to enter to visit it.

The church of Marans has a very particular history which dates from the 1845th century. At that time, the church of Marans is that of St-Etienne which is located south of the city, going towards La Rochelle. Built in the XNUMXth century and weakened by multiple conflicts, it threatens to collapse and its distance from the town of Marans does not work in its favour. A more central construction was then envisaged in XNUMX and would become feasible a few years later thanks to the bequest of a town notable, Mr. Dinot.

Despite a very expensive project, work began in 1900, under the direction of architect Alcide Boutaut. Unfortunately, the money runs out and the church will be inaugurated in 1902 without the bell tower having been built.

And it was 86 years later that Mr. Fabbro, a 93-year-old Marandais, decided to offer a bell tower to his town and to choose the style. Sad to see the church in which he had made his first communion at the beginning of the century remaining without a steeple, he chose the model he wanted to see built. It was built by a local mast construction company, mixing stone, glass and metal (brushed aluminium). The construction site of the bell tower began on May 2, 1988, and the spire was laid on July 28, 1988.

From the panoramic room of the bell tower, four tourist information tables allow you to discover Marans and the Marais which surrounds it.

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